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Why Small Businesses?

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With internet access more accessible and integrated with how we live, small businesses who want to prosper need to understand how marketing has changed in the past few decades with our digital lifestyles. Nearly 2 out of 3 Americans own a smartphone now, which means online marketing is becoming increasingly important for businesses to be discovered.

Owners are not completely clueless to these trends, but just having a website and some social media accounts is not always enough. One thing I noticed is that most small businesses I’ve worked with don’t even have the fundamentals down right. However, small business owners don’t always have the budget for a dedicated marketer or even the time to learn anything digital marketing related on their own. This is where I feel I can help.

Ever since I got into marketing, I’ve worked with many different small business owners from a wide range of industries. Through this experience, I witnessed many of the problems and challenges that small business owners faced. As an independent contractor, I’ve modeled my skill set and services to provide more value to those who can’t afford having online specialists. In world dominated by big corporations, I want to help equip the underdogs with the essentials to make it out on top.

My approach is quite simple. Get the online marketing basics right to set a strong foundation to build towards the future. Having these basic components will help put small businesses on the right path to success.

My Strengths

Working on WordPress

I started in marketing as a social media specialist managing accounts for a number of local businesses in Sacramento. Web design was added to my repertoire shortly after. Those two areas are my strengths since I spent most of my time doing those tasks. It didn’t stop there. I was eventually pushed into a marketing strategist role so it motivated me to tap into all the other online areas.

With my dedication to learning, I feel I’m also good at conceptualizing things and being able to explain things so it is easier to understand. Not only can I help establish a strong base for online marketing, I can also help consult and coach on the basics like analytics and social media.

Over the years, my skill set has evolved to suit small businesses. By being more versatile, not only can I plan and strategize the online marketing plan, I can also execute all the different pieces together own my own as well. Generally, a small business may not always be able to afford a specialist in one particular area of online marketing. Even if you have someone who can design a website, they may not know search engine optimization and web analytics. By having someone is able to handle all the different online disciplines, it makes it more cost effective for small businesses to work with someone like me.

My True Passion


I believe deep down, we all want to help the people around us and make a positive influence in society. For me, it’s through marketing and helping small business owners. Although it took me awhile to really figure out what I wanted to do with my life, my focus right now in my career is to continue learning as much as I can and gaining valuable experience in my field. Digital marketing is constantly changing and evolving so it’s important for me to keep up with best practices, technological trends and consumer behavior.

However, my true passion is rooted in sociology, psychology and anthropology. More specifically, I’m interested in how our socio-economic system, environment factors and culture plays a role in influencing human behavior, biology, genetics and perception. As complicated as it sounds, it’s something I’m heavily interested in due to its long term implications on the survival of our human civilization.

When it comes to my approach and understanding of marketing, I look at it through a sociological perspective. My love for sociology is what makes me take a systems approach to marketing. It’s why I like to be good at different facets of digital marketing, rather than just specialize in one area. I’m a big picture guy as it helps me to put the smaller details into a wider context. Years down the line, I hope to use my expertise in online marketing for influencing positive social and environmental change in some form. Meanwhile, I’ll continue to my journey to becoming the best digital marketer I can be and help small businesses reach their full potential.


Online Marketing & Social Media Strategist

AstraLogikJune 2016 - Current

I'm working with a pair of independent artists known as AstraLogik in the bay area. My role is to help manage their entire online presence, develop a growth strategy and coaching them on social media for optimal engagement. Through our efforts, I hope to be to increase their fan base and keep their current ones engaged with the goal of creating lifelong fans.

Digital Marketing Strategist

Fitsom StudiosApril 2015 - Current

I started here as an employee to take the lead on all of the online marketing including developing a new website. Rather than juggling multiple tasks for a number of clients at the agency, this was my first opportunity to really use all of my expertise to focus on one business. I was able to successfully bring in new clients for the studio with my efforts. Due to budgetary issues, I contract with Fitsom now as my client. Because I truly believe in their unique approach to fitness, I continued to stick around and help when I can.

Online Marketer / Web Developer

Capital Digital ArtsSeptember 2015 - July 2016

I'm currently working with small businesses through a marketing agency. In addition to creating Wordpress sites, I am also managing pay per click campaigns, setting up analytics and optimizing for search engines. For business development, my expertise is used for proposals, audits and competitor analysis. Projects completed with Capital Digital Arts: Allies For Change, Golden Bay Mortgage Group and Fortalezas and Strengths.

Digital Marketing Strategist

Blanket Marketing GroupMay 2013 - May 2015

My first official entry into digital marketing started here at this agency. I was originally brought in to be a social media and email marketing specialist. After our web developer left 5 months after I started, I volunteered to learn to develop websites on Wordpress. After a year, I was tasked to becoming the digital strategist. Along with working with many small business owners, I had the opportunity to work for Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson on a few projects like indivizible and Yes on Measure L. Some other notable clients was handling social media accounts for Dos Coyotes, Esquire IMAX and California Brewers Festival.

Operations Manager

Cultive Frozen YogurtDecember 2008 - August 2011

My first job out of college was working at a frozen yogurt shop in Davis as a near minimum wage employee. Yup, great way to put that college degree to good use. But then again, the recession didn't really help my cause either. However, I did gain a lot of valuable management experience as I eventually worked my way up to store manager and operations manager in less than a year. It was also my first experience using social media for marketing.


California State University, Sacramento2008

I initially started college at UC Davis with the hopes of getting into the Computer Science program, but that didn't quite pan out. As a result, I transferred to Sac State where I graduated with a degree in Business Administration, concentration in Management Information Systems. I also have a minor in sociology. During my time here, I took on leadership roles as a treasurer, vice president and president at my Filipino history / culture based fraternity.

High School

San Jose High Academy2000

I was originally born and raised in San Jose. I first learned HTML coding in my early high school years. I made money from a fan site I created for one of my favorite singers by hosting banners ads. Surprisingly, I was getting checks for about $150 a month from this. I also created a website for an academic program our high school offered called the International Baccalaureate Program.


David Nguyen


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